Anstey Hall, Cambridge hosted some hilarious marital shenanigans…also known as Katie & Grahams wedding!


Katie and Graham, simply put, were a wedding photographers dream couple. Warm, friendly, hilarious and without an ounce of self-consciousness, they were a truly fantastic couple to work with and are exactly the reason why I love what I do so much!

It was obvious from my first meeting with Kate & Graham that we were a great fit – I can’t recall having laughed so much during a consultation before – and the connection we all had was immediate. I always tell any couple interested in booking me, that the most important aspect in respect to getting the best photographs we can, is 95% to do with the connection we have between us – you guys and me. If you feel comfortable and relaxed with your photographer, you stand a much better chance of capturing those moments that really do reflect what it is about your relationship that is so special…that is always the key to getting great photographs of genuine emotion and romance in my view.

The day was beautiful, sunny and warm, which is no mean feat for late March, and our venue was perfect. The guests all looked as dapper as you would expect, the groomsmen and bridesmaids all looked especially superb, and the atmosphere was as relaxed as you could imagine (the only ‘drama’ to be found was from Katies father not arriving until just a few mins before the ceremony was due to begin but we let him off because he was a bit of an ace dude).

The love that Katie and Graham have for each other was impossible for them to hide and because of this the ceremony was both funny and romantic – the pure joy on both of their faces at times was insane, and I nearly pulled a muscle from smiling so much! This didn’t stop during our portrait session either and I think I probably had even more fun then the clearly were – though Graham does fancy himself as a bit of a ‘dashing vampire’ type bloke and Katie just couldn’t stop laughing at this – magical for photographs.

The evening was a manic blur of pop-up studio craziness and an inevitable raiding of my props box by the guests for their dance floor disco routines after a great first dance – it was, quite frankly, a brilliant night of pure hedonistic fun! I was particularly impressed with the cake made of cheese (that Graham managed to break a knife in trying to cut – what a legend) and the dance moves of the bride and bridesmaids, who it has to be said, didn’t let a lack of natural rhythm get in the way of a good boogie (I jest – they had some killer moves). A special mention must go to Gemma and Vicki who really did go that extra mile to make that disco dance floors THERE’S! 🙂

The day was a blinder, and after a cheeky good bye hug with the fantastic bride & groom, my last memory of the evening was of Mrs Crane, wearing a Jon Bon Jovi mask, telling her husband Jazz she didn’t want to go home…ever…which was a lie of course that was made apparent to a departed Jazz a mere 10 minutes later. Never change Jemma…you are my hero!


Check out some highlights of the day below:

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