The picturesque village of Great Staughton hosted a beautiful & fun pre-wedding shoot with Alice & Giles!

Pre-wedding shoots are a really good way to have a little practice session in front of the camera before your big day, meaning you can relax and enjoy yourself, while I capture you looking your best, and this shoot with Alice & Giles was a perfect example of why they can be so much fun as well! I particularly liked Giles doing his best catalogue pose and Alice was a bag of smiles the whole shoot – their wedding next month is going to be AWESOME!

Here are some highlights: BlogStomp_0875 BlogStomp_0876 BlogStomp_0877 BlogStomp_0878 BlogStomp_0879 BlogStomp_0880 BlogStomp_0881 BlogStomp_0882 BlogStomp_0883