Christian & Laura chose the beautiful Bassmead Manor Barns in St Neots, Cambridgeshire for their wonderful summer wedding!

Christian and Laura were introduced to my work by a mutual friend called Nick Manning (I had photographed his band many moons ago and we have become good mates since) and it was a dream booking – a couple as laid back and fun as I like to think I am myself, a venue to die for, a day all held in one place, lots of camera friendly guests with a brilliant sense of fun and despite a shower early on, a beautiful day of sunshine!

Bassmead Manor:

A particular highlight of the day was taking Christian and Laura off to shoot a few portraits of them both – we had such a laugh mocking each other that I almost forgot to take the photos – but we captured some truly wonderful and genuinely romantic images, that I really struggled to narrow them down to a deliverable amount! I feel I really got to know them during this session, and seeing the love they have for each other, it’s quite obvious that this day was a perfect way to affirm their relationship. I also have to say I adored their two little sons, who had us all entertained for most of the day, so I tip my photographic hat to Mr & Mrs Novak for making my job so enjoyable guys – you rocked \m/

This is the story of Christian & Laura’s day…

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