The Missing Sock was the perfect setting for a wonderful winter wedding in Cambridge for Ed & Sabrina!

I was delighted when Sabrina and Ed asked me to capture their day! I have known Sabrina for a number of years (in fact I was not a photographer when we first became friends- yikes!) but I had not heard about the whirl wind romance that had blossomed with Ed until she messaged me asking to meet up to discuss wedding photographs! We had a really good laugh catching up and discussing the plan for the day but the most awesome thing about it all was the chemistry between them both – it was obvious to me that these guys had found a soul mate in each other and I knew we would get some great images.

The Missing Sock is a unique & quirky little venue on the outskirts of Cambridge that is a great venue if you want something alternative and informal – basically it was perfect for Sabrina and Ed! The wedding was a very different one from the norm – no bridal prep, a late afternoon start, bride and groom portraits before the ceremony, oh to add to the challenge, and it all took place during a storm that produced one of the windiest days I can remember! We had to capture all of our portraits in a 20 minute window, before the start of the ceremony, but Ed and Sabrina were amazing despite the weather, and we nailed it!

The rest of the day flew by, the ceremony and speeches were great fun ( a lot of laughter was had by everyone) and then it was all topped off by a crazy party! What a truly brilliant day from start to finish and a massive congrats to the new Mr & Mrs Crothall!

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