Unique, fun and alternative – the wedding of Shaun & Yam was a true reflection of who they really are… Jurassic Park!

BOOM! I do love a proper alternative wedding and that was always going to the case with these guys – they are truly unique couple in every way and make a great match!  I have always thought you should have the day you want as a couple, and not feel pressured into sticking with traditions if they don’t really mean anything to you, so I was mega excited when my friends Shauny P and Yam asked me to capture their special day and revealed the awesome plans…it really could not be more THEM!

I have been very fortunate to have known and been friends with Shaun since I was in my early 20’s – gigging and going to shows in Peterborough he had put on and seeing his bands play – later we worked together at Club Revolution and got to know each other better – top lad is Mr P and a very talented creative. Yam is a beautiful girl that he somehow convinced to date him haha…in all fairness they really are a great couple and I was totally made up when they announced they were getting engaged and wanted me to capture the shenanigans!  I just knew it was going to be different & fun – and so it proved to be – with a brilliant and inspired Mexican Día de los Muertos theme that could not have been more perfect! The little touches as well, like having records for name places (with mine being a camera related tune), really did add that air of uniqueness to the day that really made it one to remember.

It was also a day of many tears – tears of laughter, happiness, sadness and nerves – and it really did make for a special atmosphere from the minute Yam walked down that aisle and Shaun caught his first sight of her – wow it was real and it was beautiful! I will let the photographs do the rest of the talking, but as you will see, it was a magnificent day and a real privilege to share it with so many friends and a such a fantastic couple.

Heres to you Mr & Mrs Phillips…and Yam just remember that Shaun loves you… in a way!

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