USB Keepsake Box

New with all of my full day wedding packages – USB digital album and keepsake boxes!I have been talking to lots of my clients about how I deliver their photographs to them over the past wedding season, and one of the most frequently requested items was to have a USB option in place of the previously supplied DVD album. The reason for this is that many people who have modern laptops or tablets do not have disc drives available to them on their devices, so wanted another solution to view and print their photographs, and the USB is the perfect product for viewing and printing from.

I spent a good 6 months requesting samples from various suppliers until I found what I was looking for and I am now very pleased to announce that ALL of my full day wedding packages will now come with my brand new USB digital album and wooden keepsake box. The USB is large enough to store all high res print ready images and low res web ready copies of your full album and comes with a top quality hand made wooden keepsake box that will keep your album safe and looking ace. It really does look stunning and I am really excited that all my clients will have such a beautiful product to store and display their album for years and years to come.